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"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

Quote by B. Franklin

We at PhonicsTrain strive to make the learning experience as engaging as possible. With an array of elements comprising of visual cues, flash cards, animations, sounds and illustrations, we believe learning can always be a delighting experience.

PhonicsTrain is an android learning app driven by a purpose based learning framework, where the children are taught to make relationships between letters and phonic sounds, identify the unique phonic sounds different combinations of letters make, construct meaningful sentences and enhance their command over language as a whole.

Why choose PhonicsTrain?

Helps you build your vocabulary

Enhances listening skills

Improves reading, pronunciation and spelling proficiency

Track your leaning process

Boost your linguistic confidence

Key Features

  • Interactive elements to enhance the learning experience:
    With over 500+ sounds, animation, flashcards and illustrations, learning does not get any richer than this.
  • Customized level based test engine:
    Upon completing every module, it is mandatory to successfully clear the level based test in order to progress to the next level.
  • Instant gratification:
    Who doesn't love pleasant surprises? That's why PhonicsTrain un-boxes rewards to users as they progress through the various learning modules.


Devang Hemani

Business Head

Devang Hemani, a financial advisor, working for broking firms since 1991. He has a proven record with sole responsibility for marketing and promoting Kidzone.


Vaishali Hemani

Creative Head

Creative in nature, empathetic and passionate towards children's education. her only aim is to teach the children the way they want to learn.


Riyaz Ahmed

Design Head

Mastered the art of designing solutions as per the business requirement. He worked with top design and production houses in India and the middle east.


Richa Shah

Quality Manager

Richa shah, a very sensitive, dedicated and focused learner herself. She is a graduate of mass media and a teacher at Kidzone since 2012.

With one little chug at a time, the PhonicsTrain takes you through 12 modules(boogies), each one of them meticulously designed to meet a specific learning outcome.


Sounds of boogie 1

Making the children aware of the 26 Phonic sounds.

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Sounds of boogie 2

Teaching the 3 letter words from all the vowel families.

Read more


Sounds of boogie 3

Learn 4 letter words through blending. Initial & end blends.

Read more


Sounds of boogie 4

Vowel diagraphs are combination of vowels that make a new sound.

Read more

Sounds of boogie 5

Consonant diagraphs are 2 consonants that together make a new sound.

Read more


Sounds of boogie 6

A Diphthong is a sound made by combining two vowels. Tricky words taught.

Read more


Sounds of boogie 7

In this boogie, more than 80 R-controlled words are taught.

Read more

Sounds of boogie 8

Revision of all the new sounds taught from boogie 4 to boogie 7.

Read more


Sounds of boogie 9

More than 80 related words are flashed with illustration.

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Sounds of boogie 10

More than 90 related words are flashed with illustration.

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Sounds of boogie 11

In this boogie, all the alternative sounds of the vowel diagraph (long vowels) are taught.

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Sounds of boogie 12

This boogie teaches the remaining alternative sounds of R-controlled & diphthongs.

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